4 Signs You Need a New IT Service Provider


Every business, big or small, relies on technology in some way. Modern elements change how things are conducted, stored, and processed. It’s important to be on the up-and-up with the latest tech because every new development could give your company an edge. But technology isn’t perfect. From the occasional failing HDD to server problems, lost information or flat out service disruption, problems are a guaranteed thing. That’s why you’ve got IT.

However, much like technology that needs to be replaced, not every IT team is right for you. A business might outsource to an IT provider, a third party which helps manage problems to free up time on the home front. However, if you’re noticing things just aren’t any better, then it might be a time for a change. Here are some signs to look out for.

 Month old problems are still occurring

A fairly obvious reason, but if your company is still encountering the same old issues in an area an IT team was asked to work on, this is a red flag. Technical issues can indeed be complex, but by no means should a service you pay for drag its feet on the front of fixing errors. Depending on the unfixable problem, this is a good reason to start looking elsewhere.

 No backups or monitoring

Our modern world grows more hectic by the day, especially in the technological sense. Therefore, it’s imperative for large companies to keep their data and hardware safe. This requires, from a managed IT provider, constant monitoring for errors and total backups. A lack of these features means they’re not quite up to the task of having you as a client. If your provider can’t provide these, you’ll want a better service, period.

 Poor communication

When it comes to IT problems, things can get out of hand fast. Sometimes an email can’t be sent, or sometimes customers can’t access their information because your servers are down. An IT provider has to work with you, fast, and you need to be in touch as often as possible. A provider that lags in fixing or responding is one that will ultimately just cause more problems.

 Unpredictable Pricing

A big reason a company utilizes managed IT services is economic; generally, this frees up financial resources with more predictable expenses. However, if you’re noticing that the price keeps rising or changing radically, a switch is recommended. Pricing has to work with your company, and an unyielding bill system simply isn’t healthy for a company.

While there are certainly laundry lists of other reasons to look for a new provider, these are just a few to highlight. Often they are common complaints, but the good news is there’s a wide selection out there, leaving your business with a better bottom line overall.  If you’re looking for more information regarding MSP’s, Stratosphere Networks can help.  Call us today at (877) 599-3999 or fill out our contact form.

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