4 Industries You May Have May Not Have Expected AI to Reach

Artificial intelligence is no longer the next big thing, it is “the big thing”. Everywhere you look, corporations, transportation, healthcare, and the military have begun to incorporate intelligence systems.

Going forward, all innovations will have AI baked in. We have compiled a list of some interesting areas and industries AI is being applied that you wouldn’t have imagined before.

1. Creative Arts and Craft

In Germany, researchers have designed an algorithm that uses image recognition to understand how great works of art are painted. This will pave way for a whole new world of AI-generated paintings that will rival some of the best artists in the world. Who knows, maybe the next Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci will be automated!

“Creativity is a process that takes practice, it’s not a God-given thing,” according to Dave King, the founder of Move 37, a company dealing with creative AI. He believes that computers can be trained to combine ideas and draw things together as a human artist would.

We’ve already seen some interesting AI generated computer in the robot art competition and exhibition held every year since 2016. Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre, a contemporary art enthusiast, recently hit the headlines for spending thousands of dollars on a piece of AI-generated art.

2. Literature-Poetry, Creative Writing and Beyond

Computers have been giving readers suggestions on what to read for a while now. With AI, they can write books as well. They have been trained to write stories and even poetry!

3. AI in The Music Production Industry

Would you have imagined that computers could one day come up with rap lyrics? Well, artificial intelligence is now being used to write lyrics for new rap songs in Finland. A company called Deep Beat came up with an algorithm that can sample lyrics from existing songs and come up with new rap songs. How about that, dawg?

4. AI in The Animal Care and Veterinary Sciences Industry

The science of animal care has not been left behind in the AI revolution. There is active research in the development of smart cameras and animal wearables that can be used to record data. Information on behavior, movements and other aspects can be used to improve animal care.

Finally, artificial intelligence has disrupted so many industries and still holds a lot of promise going forward. There is no limit to the number of areas that AI can be applied to improve processes and bring about better solutions to real-world problems.


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