Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT

outsourced IT team

Companies and businesses in any industry can benefit from having an outsourced IT team. From lowered costs to disaster recovery plans, an outsourced IT team can give you peace-of-mind knowing that your data is always protected.

Lower Overall IT Costs

With an outsourced IT team, you won’t have to worry about paying individual salaries like you would with an in-house team. You also won’t have to worry about key IT members taking sick days, vacations or running into technology obstacles. At Stratosphere Networks, we’ll provide your company with 24/7/365 consistent system monitoring at a flat-rate budget.

Premium Technology

Technology is always evolving, and keeping up-to-date with the latest tools is expensive and time consuming. A qualified, professional outsourced IT team will always have the best-in-class technology to provide to your company so you don’t have to stress over the latest updates.

Save Some Time

IT problems can be frustrating and extremely time consuming. Hiring an outsourced IT team will not only save you time, but save you the stress. Our team at Stratosphere Networks will walk you through any issues remotely, and should you need the extra assistance we’ll send someone your way to solve the problem onsite that same day. If you already have an in-house IT team, we’re here to provide IT advice to get your team through any sticky situations to keep your business running smoothly.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Sometimes disasters and unforeseen obstacles arise. What if you walked into work to find all of your servers were down? What if your business was flooded, damaging all of your servers and monitors? These are scary scenarios, and unfortunately we’ve seen these kinds of situations happen. But you won’t have to worry about data loss or corruption; because Stratosphere Network’s outsourced IT team can customize and implement a disaster recovery plan that fits your business and your budget. Whether it’s through virtualization or moving to the cloud, we’re here to help.

Thinking of outsourcing your IT?

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