BlockSender: New Filter for Unwanted Emails

Although Gmail has a great spam filter, sometimes you just don’t want to receive email from a certain contact at all. BlockSender is a new Chrome extension for Gmail which will do just that. Instead of filtering out the email as spam, BlockSender will “bounce” the email back to the sender as if your email address is incorrect. This way, the sender will believe your email address is invalid and will stop sending you emails.

Even if the sender believes your email is correct, they’ll at least get the message that their email isn’t welcome in your inbox. This should hopefully encourage them to at least contact you less in the future.

BlockSender has a couple plans. The free plan only blocks a few emails from personal Gmail accounts a month, while the Premium Plan has unlimited blocking and works with Google Apps as well as personal Gmail accounts. The Premium Plan runs for $4.99/month or $29/year.

Here’s a video for more information:


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