Are You Making These Common SEO Mistakes?

SEO is fundamentally important for the growth and cultivation of websites. With SEO, any individual, organization or business can generate hundreds to thousands of clicks and by extension, create revenue. Mastering SEO is imperative to your company’s online success. With search engines that yield endless amounts of choices, it’s crucial to push your way to the top.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to make SEO mistakes with long lasting effects.  It’s those common ones which bring down … Read more

SEO Tips for SMBs

increase your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a common term thrown around in the tech industry. But what exactly does it mean and how can it help your business boom?

To break it down, here are four SEO tips you can apply to your business right now:

1)      Increase SEO, increase website visitors. By implementing SEO strategies, you website will rank higher on search engines which will boost your overall website traffic.

2)      Off page factors are Read more

Voice over Internet Protocol: Why You Should Upgrade

benefits of voip

Voice over Protocol systems (VoIP) bring lots of benefits to businesses. Here are a few reasons to invest in VoIP.

Communication Integration

A major benefit of VoIP is the integration of all of your communication tools. So missed calls can be sent to your email, you can videoconference with employees who are out of the office and you can merge all of your phones onto one number.

Decrease Overall Expenses

VoIP is less expensive than … Read more

How to Increase Your SEO

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Recruit Guest bloggers

According to, 81 percent of businesses consider their blogs an important accessory to their business. Guest bloggers often blog for other sites along with yours, and therefore their post could be used on other sites as well. Try to aim for bloggers who are relevant to your field and have a good reputation with similar websites.

Fix any broken or expired links

Broken links aren’t received well by search engines. Search … Read more