Benefits of Using a VPN

computer with VPN

VPN is the abbreviation for virtual private network. A virtual private network is a method to interact with different Internet networks confidentially and securely. With the quest for privacy online, a VPN is the most trusted method to be online privately and securely.

Main Benefits


A secure connection is the most obvious benefit of using a VPN. A VPN ensures that your IP address is invisible to your Internet service provider and other websites … Read more

4 Common IT Troubleshooting Tips Everyone Should Know

troubleshooting your own computer

IT problems arise in all shapes and sizes, and often times small issues pop up with regularity. This takes up time and patience.  The good news is that with a little bit of knowledge, everyone can handle minor tech-related issues themselves.

These four common troubleshooting tips are core methods to solving small scale IT problems and will make you feel like an expert in no time.

Task Manager

Ever had a random freeze up or … Read more

Best Security Practices to Teach Your Employees

Digital security key

The digital era has brought us many innovations and gadgets to help us in our daily routine. For businesses, it’s even better as there are plenty of ways to create content and distribute it through the net. However, as companies become ever more reliant on the internet, they open themselves up to the hazards of virtual dangers. Whether it’s a virus or malicious third party, anything that compromises computing infrastructure can be disastrous for a … Read more

Ransomware: Everything You Should Know


All sorts of dangerous malware and viruses exist on the internet. These nasty bugs can cause a plethora of issues on a personal computer once a system is infected, from slowing things down to altering the hard disc. But there’s also another kind of infection which isn’t mentioned as often: ransomware.

Ransomware is malicious like the aforementioned bugs, but as the name implies, it tries to hold a PC hostage. The payload accomplishes this by … Read more

Benefits of BDR


Backup disaster recovery plans are important for every business to have in place, regardless of industry. Emergencies happen, and are usually unexpected. What if you came into work and a pipe had burst? Or an employee accidentally deletes a crucial file? Here are a few things to consider if you’re interested in a BDR plan for your business:

24/7 System Monitoring

A major benefit of a BDR plan is around-the-clock system monitoring. Hiring an outsourced … Read more

Top Tech Gifts for the Holidays


Have a family member who loves the latest gadgets? Or maybe a coworker who is totally into technology? Here’s a list of the top tech gifts for this holiday season:

The World’s First 3D Printing Pen.

3D printing has certainly been a hot topic for 2014. Why not give it as a gift? This pen retails at $99.95 before shipping, and artists can download a variety of blueprints to use including the Eiffel Tower and … Read more

Keeping Your Smartphone Safe

keep your smartphone safe

With security breaches and hacking flooding the media, it’s hard not to take into consideration your own technology. Keeping your smartphone secure is especially important, because these usually have the most sensitive information. Whether it’s your social media accounts, banking app or pictures, your phone holds a lot of data. Here are a few tips in order to keep your smartphone secure:

Set up a passcode.
Yes, passcodes may be tedious but if your phone … Read more

Tips for Working at Home

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Working from home is convenient for days when you have a doctor’s appointment, have to run errands or just want a little extra shut eye. With the right BYOD and cloud solutions put in place, you employees’ will have no issues working from home.

However, although it can be ideal, working from home also makes it difficult to concentrate on your tasks. Here are a few tips to stay on track while working at home:… Read more

Voice over Internet Protocol: Why You Should Upgrade

benefits of voip

Voice over Protocol systems (VoIP) bring lots of benefits to businesses. Here are a few reasons to invest in VoIP.

Communication Integration

A major benefit of VoIP is the integration of all of your communication tools. So missed calls can be sent to your email, you can videoconference with employees who are out of the office and you can merge all of your phones onto one number.

Decrease Overall Expenses

VoIP is less expensive than … Read more

Have You Been Hacked?


Hackers are as prevalent as ever these days. The various devices and increase of Internet use is definitely a factor, so how can you prevent your computer from being a victim? Here’s a list of 3 signs that your computer may be at risk:

You receive “anti” virus messages.

This is an old school virus tactic. What happens is that the user receives a popup stating they have a virus, and they need to do … Read more