Most fashionable, wearable tech from CES 2015

Just like fashion, technology is always evolving. Wearable tech became a huge hit in the fashion industry throughout 2014.This year’s CES conference in Las Vegas was no different. These are some top picks from WebMD’s Fashionware show:

LED Dress

led dress

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This dress changes color whenever you touch a color to the sensor trigger at the top of the dress. The LED lights are located across the  dress.



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These ear … Read more

BlockSender: New Filter for Unwanted Emails

Although Gmail has a great spam filter, sometimes you just don’t want to receive email from a certain contact at all. BlockSender is a new Chrome extension for Gmail which will do just that. Instead of filtering out the email as spam, BlockSender will “bounce” the email back to the sender as if your email address is incorrect. This way, the sender will believe your email address is invalid and will stop sending you emails.… Read more

What to Consider When Choosing an IT Company for Your Glenview Business

choosing an IT team

Choosing a Chicago-based IT company for your business comes with many benefits, but also some key considerations. Check out this list before signing a contract.
Solving Problems Remotely
Your prospective provider should have the tools to solve most system issues remotely. The provider should also be proactively monitoring your system so that any issues are solved efficiently and quickly. Additionally, responding to problems remotely lowers costs by eliminating the need to send onsite assistance.
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Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT

outsourced IT team

Companies and businesses in any industry can benefit from having an outsourced IT team. From lowered costs to disaster recovery plans, an outsourced IT team can give you peace-of-mind knowing that your data is always protected.

Lower Overall IT Costs

With an outsourced IT team, you won’t have to worry about paying individual salaries like you would with an in-house team. You also won’t have to worry about key IT members taking sick days, vacations … Read more