New Tech Trends in the Healthcare Industry

Colorful patch cords connected to a red heart.

Technology in the healthcare industry is always changing. It’s extremely important for hospitals and clinics to have reliable, up-to-date machinery and programs. Whether it’s surgical equipment or billing software, healthcare professionals need the best technology available. That being said, here are some tech trends that are happening in the industry.

Wireless sensor technology.

To improve the comfort levels for patients, wireless technologies are becoming popular in hospitals. Instead of being wrapped in cords and wires, patient will be able to have access to disposable, wearable medical sensors by 2018. The sensors will monitor the patient’s vital signs and alert medical staff to any changes. Additionally, the data collected from the medical sensors can be added to electronic health records (EHRs) and be shared with immediate family members.

Remote monitoring.

Imagine if your doctor could monitor your health even when you’re not in the hospital? Well, doctors have already started remotely monitoring their patients through medical devices that their patients wear at home. That way, if a medical emergency arises, the doctors will be alerted.

Health Apps

Health apps, like Apple’s Healthkit, are another popular trend in the industry. There are apps available that monitor blood pressure, calories and heart rate which can then provide that information to doctors in real-time. This is helpful because it keeps the patients’ health information up-to-date.

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