How to Increase Your SEO

search engine optimization

Recruit Guest bloggers

According to, 81 percent of businesses consider their blogs an important accessory to their business. Guest bloggers often blog for other sites along with yours, and therefore their post could be used on other sites as well. Try to aim for bloggers who are relevant to your field and have a good reputation with similar websites.

Fix any broken or expired links

Broken links aren’t received well by search engines. Search engines will list your site as low quality and visitors will be irritated by the lack of consistent links. Make sure to regularly check your site, and even customize your 404- error page.

Be interviewed

Your interview can help boost your website’s SEO because it has the potential to pick up traction on other website and social media sites. Reach out to other bloggers and subscribe to sites like Help a Reporter Out to get updates on potential interviews.

Be active on social media

As social media increases in popularity, these sites are gaining more traction on search engine sites. Make a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account for your website to share industry news, blog posts and infographics for your clients.

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