Are You Making These Common SEO Mistakes?

SEO is fundamentally important for the growth and cultivation of websites. With SEO, any individual, organization or business can generate hundreds to thousands of clicks and by extension, create revenue. Mastering SEO is imperative to your company’s online success. With search engines that yield endless amounts of choices, it’s crucial to push your way to the top.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to make SEO mistakes with long lasting effects.  It’s those common ones which bring down potential attention and click generation. To keep you on the path to success, we’ll discuss a few of those common mistakes.

Poor Mobile Optimization

It no longer depends on your website or type of business. If your site isn’t optimized for both PC’s and mobile devices, your rankings will suffer. People perform searches with their smartphones and tablets just as often if not more than on their desktops.  Search engines realize this and boost sites that perform on both desktop and mobile devices.

Non-Optimized Keywords

Your keywords must be relevant.  Find search terms that directly relate to the product or message you are trying to sell. Broad keywords may temporarily create lots of traffic, though this will hurt you in the long run if the traffic doesn’t transfer to tangible results.

Common mistakes in this area revolve around using global keywords that have nothing to do with the site, or specific keywords which provide information, but not results.

Repetitive Keywords

Back in the early days of search engines, keywords and SEO was all about saturation. Today, using the same keyword for multiple parts of a website or piece of content now has the opposite effect. Without unique keywords or titles, content becomes blurred together and your site no longer highlights its specialized attributes.

Low Quality Content

Unoriginal content that tries to optimize for SEO works initially, but gives a poor impression over time. Whether it’s article “spinning,” whereby a program is used to reword an entire article, or using outsourced article writers, these will give your readers a negative impression.

Over time, content will be associated with unoriginal, low quality work. In the long run, this hurts website growth and stymies future attempts at SEO optimization.

Basic SEO Links

Though it takes a greater deal of work, polishing and customizing the kind of link which creates clicks is far more valuable than the bare minimum. SEO trends better when the associated keywords and links have things like custom graphics or are associated with creative social media designs. This helps cement your brand as recognizable and ultimately leads to healthier website SEO.

Did the choices surprise you? They’re easy mistakes to make and often cause SEO to degrade over time. Make sure you don’t fall under the trappings of these common SEO mistakes, as they hurt your site in the long run. Instead, value high quality content, make use of analytics, and specify your keywords so users aren’t lost in a sea of irrelevant information.

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