Scio Brings a New Meaning to Consumer Convenience

scio app

Consumer Physics, a startup company focusing on consumer smart apps, has announced the Scio, a handheld device that can scan an object and provide you with the exact make up of that object through the Scio application for smartphones.

The size of a flash drive, the Scio is currently in the development stage with a working prototype in the lab. The scanner emits a beam of light that then connects to the Scio app which uses its vast database to find the corresponding molecular information. Since starting its Kickstarter campaign, Consumer Physics has raised over $1 million. Dror Sharon, the cofounder and CEO of Consumer Physics, said, ““We are going to build the world’s largest database of fingerprints for our physical world and give developers a platform to create new applications.”

Ideally, the scanner will provide consumers with a search-ready device at their fingertips. You can Google just about anything, but you can’t Google specific objects right in front of you. For example, you can Google the calorie amount in a chicken stir fry, but with Scio you can obtain the exact calorie count in your chicken stir fry on the stove. Scio is also able to scan medications and provide the exact molecular breakdown.

Sharon hopes to continue Consumer Physics’ smart app development in the future. Similar to the Internet of Things, he imagines smart refrigerators that can tell when a food is spoiled, parking spots that will check your tires’ air pressure and even applications in cosmetics and agriculture.

Consumers can expect to see Scio appear on the market later this year.

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