Snapchat is Third Most Popular App

According to comScore, Snapchat is now the third most popular social app for millennials. The report states that the popular smartphone app has 32.9 percent penetration on users between the ages of 18 and 34. This percentage explains how Snapchat knew its potential, and why it turned down Facebook’s offer of $3 billion back in 2013.

snapchat chart

Snapchat has made huge progress since November 2013, when a$3 billion offer was made by Facebook. Back then, the app only had 12.1 percent penetration in the same age group. That made its decline of the multi-billion dollar offer that much more taboo.

This growth in the app’s popularity proves that apps aren’t just text messaging replacements, like with Whatsapp and Viber. Although classified as a “messaging app”, Snapchat provides a social platform for paying customers to communicate with the Millennial crowd by sending videos of music fests, sports teams, etc. In turn, their target market is reached through a quick, visual medium which is more appealing.

Overall, Snapchat is expected to grow in its popularity as more and more smartphone users download the free app that allows for sharing disposable content.

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