The Pros of Having a Backup Disaster Recovery Plan


Companies these days cannot prosper without the presence of an active technical department, especially an Information Technology team. IT is the most important part of any industry today. With computers becoming an integral part of every business, companies have begun relying on them for all important and indispensable aspects of their businesses. Businesses use computers to save their data, communicate with employees, conduct surveys, and much more. However, being a machine, your computer systems alone cannot guarantee the safety of your valuable data. To guarantee that your data is secure and accessible, you need to implement a backup disaster recovery plan.

Here are four pros of having a backup disaster recovery plan:

1. It saves your data from machine and hardware failure

In the present day scenario, technology has become highly advanced but it still is not perfect and unfortunately we are reminded of this fact every now and then. To make sure that your system does not have to face any hardware failure, you need to invest in a skilled IT team that will be responsible for the monitoring of your systems. This requires a significant financial investment. To save yourself from this expense, you can opt for regular data backup. You can either back up internally or hire an outsourcing company. This will eliminate the hassle of interruptions in case there is failure in the IT department of your company.

2. Humans tend to make errors

Human errors can be detected by machines to a great extent. Having a proper backup system helps you ensure that your data is error free and accurate. Humans often delete data, accidentally or knowingly. One click of the button and everything is gone. Even highly skilled professionals can sometimes fetch the wrong data in the company’s computer systems. Backing up your data assures you that your data is in safe hands and can always be used repeatedly to correct ongoing processes or plan new strategies for the business.

3. It protects your data from natural calamities

One natural calamity and it’s all gone, your data that is. Mother Nature can really be tough at times with her storms and floods. Without a data recovery plan, some companies can lose the chance to rise again after a natural calamity thus losing everything they have worked for. According to a recent survey, more than 80 percent of companies experiencing a business interruption of over five days lose their chances of recovery due to lack of vital data.

4. You may not admit it, but your customers want access to your data 24/7

According to recent studies, the average customer expects to get information from its service provider at almost any given time that they feel is convenient for them. If your business proves to be unavailable to provide information, the chances that your customers may switch to your competitor are greatly increased.

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