Top Five Gadgets for Summer 2017

Summer in Chicago has hit us with searing heat and seasonal fun. And you know what that means? The latest in gadgets and tech have been rolled out. Like summer blockbusters hardware of all sorts is set to make this new summer memorable.

Of course, there are hundreds of things to choose from. So, what do you pick? Well, it’s all about what you really plan to do this season, but we’ve got your back with some of our personal picks for summer 2017. If you can’t stay cool in the heat, at least you can look it.

1. Akaso EK7000 Camera

If you want to record you summer adventure, Akaso is the gadget for you. This is a camera in a series of “GoPro” similar devices – resistant to forms of wear and tear – recording high quality 4K video while doing physical activities. Not only is it waterproof and waterless, it’s a nice affordable option in the face of other similar gadgets which easily break the $100 mark.

2. Cowin E7 Wireless Headphones

A summer is no summer at all without good music. Take it to the next level with these sound cancelling, comfortable headphones. The Cowin E7 are wireless Bluetooth headphones which block out extra background noise so you can hear in perfect clarity.

It’s a top-rated device and, at full charges, gives you 30 hours of musical listening time.

3. Fitbit Alta

Whether you’re planning some beachside fun or rigorous summer exercise, the newest FitBit is here for you. This extremely powerful device sits comfortably around your wrist and measures a host of valuable things like heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and sleep monitoring. This is an excellent way to get more diagnostics about your health and look cool while doing it.

4. Amazon Firestick

Alright, maybe you’re not all about outside summer stuff when the hot season rolls around. Or, maybe you need something to relax to as the evening winds down. The newest Firestick from Amazon is here for you, with the ability to stream on demand shows in HD from your favorite categories. No TV subscription needed, just a fast internet connection!

5. Razer Man’o’War Gaming Headset

Ready to take your game to the next level? Razer’s extensive line of established game tools allow you to reach new heights in personal performance. And maybe for the summer you’re more about the best SR in Overwatch than how many times you go to the beach.

Razer’s gaming headset will bring you perfect audio quality and ability to talk with teammates. Fully charged, it lasts for seven days and is completely wireless. Great for Mythic Raids and long, game filled weekends.

This collection of gadgets gives you the best of everything from indoor fun, to capturing those beach-side memories.  One thing we know is that with these electronics, you’ll be set for the summer!


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