Travel Tips to Avoid Being Scammed


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s important not to let your electronic guard down. Here are common scams that can happen to travelers, as originally posted by the Federal Trade Commission:

Late night call from the front desk

It’s late at night, and you’re either getting ready for bed or already asleep. Suddenly, the front desk calls and tells you there’s a problem with your credit card number. To resolve the situation, you just need to confirm your number over the phone. Little do you know, you’re speaking with a scammer. If there really was a problem with your credit card number, the front desk would ask you to come downstairs and resolve the situation in person.

Pizza delivery flyer

You return to your room to find a pizza delivery flyer underneath your door. When you call to order, they’ll ask for payment and you supply your credit card number over the phone. Unfortunately, you’ll never receive the pizza and the scammer just took down your credit card information. Instead, double check with the front desk to see if the company is legitimate or ask the receptionist for restaurant suggestions.

Fake Wi-Fi Networks

Very often, hackers and phishers will make fake Wi-Fi networks under the Hotel name. Once you’re connected to it, the scammer has access to your information. To avoid this, confirm the Wi-Fi network with the front desk.

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