What You Should Know About Phishing

Unfortunately, phishing is still a common scam that attackers use to gain access to personal information. Phishing is when hackers send bogus emails that mimic legitimate companies in order to trick the recipient into providing financial information, traveling to an unknown website or downloading malicious software.

To avoid being a phishing victim, don’t open emails that are from an unknown sender. If the sender looks familiar or claims to be from a company you know, never provide personal information via email. If you receive an email claiming to be from your bank, call your bank to confirm that they in fact sent the email. Regardless, never provide financial information via email. Your bank should never ask for it and if they do, call or go into your local branch.

Additionally, don’t click on any links in an email. These links could lead you to a website that downloads software into your computer without your consent, and you could end up unintentionally giving a hacker access to all of your online account credentials.

Finally, make sure not to download any programs sent in an email without confirming their legitimacy. Sometimes, phishers send attachments with malicious software and disguise it as additional information or something tempting for the recipient to click on.

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